“We’re seeing a trend in shopping this winter,” Satoafaiga said. “Guests are coming up, grabbing what they need, and walking out. They are aware of our occupancy limits. It’s almost as if they’re sensitive to other guests standing in line.”

Instead of the usual Black Friday rush, she said, the shopping season is stretching out and guests are coming at less peak times. Many of them are also shopping online through e-commerce sites mall management helped them set up, as well as an e-commerce portal the mall uses to help facilitate online shopping for pickup in-store or curbside.

“During the first closure, we got a handful of tenants online so they could do e-commerce,” Kayyem said. After the second shutdown, “it was amazing how many more hands went up,” she said, even for national brands.

The Shops at Montebello are a mix of large retailers such as Macy’s and J.C. Penney, as well as destination retailers like Coach and Victoria’s, along with some independently operated stores.

“Digital is the name of the game right now, for sure,” Kayyem said. “Our goal is to keep stores in business – keep them operating and alive.”

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